Antelope Lake – Emirate Abu Dhabi

The Antelope Lake oasis, realized by the company EnviTech with support of AD Cleantech’s team member Engineer Manfred Bächler, is a unique project using all state-of-the-art know-how and technologies in order to create a sustainable green oasis in desert areas. Harsh climatic conditions and the requirements of an intact nature in a protected area require ultimate holistic engineering.

“Why build artificial lakes?”

One of the project’s main goals is the attraction and preservation of wildlife and protection of indigenous species.

Today’s technologies for water treatment allow sustainable development in desert areas. Since water treatment is always related to energy consumption, the project’s energy need is solely covered by solar and sustainable technologies.

Well pumps, filtration systems, desalination systems and all other support components are highly efficient and supplied by solar energy.

Project Overview
Installed capacity: 42 kWp

System type: off-grid roof-top

Purpose: water desalination

Construction time: 1 week