Mali – 30 MWp (under development)

In Mali AD Cleantech develops a 30 MWp grid-connected solar power plant for its affiliated company AD Cleantech S.A. The Ministry of Energy (MMEE) and the national electricity supply company EDM S.A. rely on the enegineering competences of AD Cleantech in integrating this pioneering power project in a beneficial way into the national grid infrastructure.

Extensive studies on grid stability, including calculations on power flows and effeciency improvements, followed by a strategic site selection have put AD Cleantech into a good position to negotiate the contractual basis for the project. We expect to enter the implementation phase of the project in the first half of 2015.

Project Overview
Planned capacity: 30 MWp

Technology: polycrystalline panels

Operating model:
100% grid feed-in, PPA with national electricty supply company EDM

Realization date: 2015