Le Lauzet – France

The particularity of the 1,5 MWp solar power plant in the most Southern part of the French Alps is its scenic, however, extremely challenging location.

The road leading to the project site at more than 1,000 meters altitude is narrow and winding and not suitable for regular construction vehicles. All components had to be transferred into smaller four-wheel lorries which manoevered their loads carefully up to the construction site. Rocky ground and extreme wheather conditions at this Alpine location, altering between hot summers with thunderstorms and snowy winters, further increase the technological challenges.

Thanks to skillful project management the power plant was comissioned and put into service on time after a construction period of 10 weeks. AD Cleantech team member, Engineer Manfred Bächler, signed responsible for the project in his former role as CTO of the company Phoenix Solar.

Project Overview
Installed capacity:
1.54 MWp

Electricity generation:
2,130 MWh/year

E.ON Climate & Renewables GmbH

Construction time:
10 weeks

Comissioning date:
July 2010